Mr Fogg // Stay Out The Sun

I always knew those nerdy quiet girls were up to something, secretly sitting at home all night playing with science. Making shapes and stuff. ‘Stay Out The Sun’ by the forever talented Mr Fogg is an incredible song – which is why I’m so sad that not many people have listened to it yet. Why aren’t the mainstream kids jumping onto this? Is Miley Cyrus’s nipple slip that important? Pfffft. I hope this guy is getting more credit than I’m aware of because last time I checked, this song only had 11000 views on youtube and one of the recommended videos was that god awful Katy Perry cover – you know which one I’m talking about. Exactly.

Hopefully this post will change things – the mainstreamers will start listening to Mr Fogg and I, one day, will become relevant. He’s also got a new album coming out soon, so keep your ear peeled. For more Mr Fogg check out his soundcloud or facebook.

Still don’t know which Katy Perry cover I was referring too? If you watched the Lorn video, then this just might be your phonecall.

Are you a fan of Mr Fogg?

Are you scarred from that Kat Per cover?

If you sex life was a youtube video, how many views would it get?


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