Mr Little Jeans // The Suburbs

If you’re having a shit day or feel completely irrelevant because you’re the only one in the world who doesn’t listen to Maroon 5 – then we have the perfect present for you. Grab a surfboard, light up a joint and listen to Mr Little Jeans while driving past the beach. You don’t even have to surf. ‘The Suburbs’ by Mr Little Jeans immediately made us feel warm and fuzzy and is one of the best covers we have ever had the pleasure to listen to. If I’m not being a danger to other drivers and pedestrians on the road while listening to beautifully sung Arcade fire covers, I’m usually at home still listening to this song, crying and pretending I have grown up feelings because everything is changing and I feel so numb. Thank god for Kim Kardashian, she literally saves me everday ❤

Contrary to popular belief, Mr Little Jeans is actually a girl – a few years ago she misspelt her name on the internet and now there is no way of changing it back. Her real name is Monica Little Jeans and she is an expert at singing and being cute.

For more news and music on MLJ visit her facebook page.

Does this song just ‘get you’?

Is Mr Little Jeans the new Lana Del Rey?

Has calling yourself ‘mister’ when you’re actually a girl the most alternative thing to do other than replacing all the letter A’s in your name with a triangle?


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