Isaiah Toothtaker + Rapewolf // Burn It Down

Could someone please send me the contact details of these Generation X kids? They seem extremely resourceful. I especially like the anime girl with the small boobs, she looks like she’s extremely good at baking. I really didn’t know running out of real drugs could be this fun. What blew my mind even more is how much I enjoyed this song. Suddenly I feel angry and want spit rhymes as I snort pencil sharpenings laced with money off of my collection of vintage camera lenses. After much diggings, I can happily say that Isaiah Toothtaker and Rapewolf have now been placed in my ‘secret favourites’ – simply because I’m the whitest person ever so I can’t let people know I listen hardcore rap music. ‘Burn It Down’ comes from Isaiah Toothtaker’s latest EP entitled ROB ZOMBIE.

Get their EP over for free over here or go and visit Isaiah’s facebook page for more information.

What cool things have snorted up your nose?

Is Isaiah Toothtaker the best DWMUHRM? (Dads who make underground hardcore rap music)

What is a rapewolf exactly?

Should I expose my taste in music to my friends and family?

Would they still love me?


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