MS MR // Hurricane

Okay so I know there is a proper video of this dancing around on the interwebs – but this one makes me happier than the idea of waking up to Lana Del Rey writing something spesh in her notebook every morning. The video is quite simply the result of  a bunch of youtube and image searches of words like ‘vintage’ and ’80s’ which is meant to transport you into some sort of retro epilepsy. With that said, it actually works. After waking up, shaking my head and wiping the blood from my eyes I replayed  this song over and over – each time sinking into a journey. Well done MS MR you gender ambiguous indie band, you have finally made public transportation and my life of burning failed relationships bearable. Cuudos to you. Please give us more music.

To download this track for FREE (yes, you don’t need money to buy happiness any more) visit their website. All you have to do is give them your email address. Unfortunately no one from the band sends you an email asking how you are and if you’re making any progress with your psychologist. But that’s okay because you can still go write dribble about your life on their facebook.

Did people in the 80’s live a better life than us?

Does this song help you get through some of those ‘hard times’?

Is your life like a hurricane or any other naturally occurring weather condition?


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