Le1f // Wut

This is Le1f (pronounced: ‘Lee-won-fffff’) and he is my favzies. He wasn’t always my favzies though… Long story short, I posted this song a while ago on my Facebook Page hoping that all my alt and indie friends would say things like “wooa man this is so cool”  or “what’s your number we should go hang out in town sometime” or “you were never cool in highschool but like you’re super with it now” – but unfortunately no one commented and 14 of my friends subsequently deleted me, including both my parents. Do I really have such bad taste? Or was I just too involved in the  poncho dancing?

After that I did what anyone with a failing social identity would do – I deleted the post, replaced it with a funny video of a German guy jumping into a frozen pool and re-invited my friends promising that I would get them all weekend guestlists at a club I made up called “TheDrumsCrystalCastales”. They totally fell for it, one of them even thinks he’s DJing there next weekend. ANYWAY. Soon Le1f finally became viral and my life  felt like a Taylor Swift song once again. Unfortunately now no one believes me when I try claim that I was the first to like the song – the same way no one believes Le1f that he came up with the word ‘wut’ (pronounced: ‘what’, but the black and gay way of saying it).

What happens next? We don’t know. Is gay rap going to be a new ‘thing’? If it does its probably going to kill hip hop the same way Twilight killed the emo scene. If those boring straight rappers want to survive the bejazzling of gangster rap they need to give their game a makeover – and nothing would be better than seeing 50 Cent in a poncho rapping how he’s going to toss your salad for brunch and then take you to an 80’s themed costume party.

Is ‘wut’ your new catchphrase?

Do you wish you could dance like Le1f?

Does watching this video also make you feel uncomfortable and aroused at the same time?



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