Vuvuvultures // Safe Skin

Yes, it has been long time since we’ve featured new music. However, from my understanding, when we don’t post anything then no one else in the world decides to create anything worth mentioning. I mean what did we miss? New Mumford & Sons album? Imagine Dragons? Exactly.

So suddenly out of the blue we’re back again? I could say that Vuvuvultures breathed new life into our world and inspired us to write again, but really its because we’ve watched all the porn on the internet. All of it.

Regardless of the how’s and why’s what is really important here is the men/women/creatures that belong to Vuvuvultures – an alt rock band with dark electronic undertones that’s been eating away the dead carcasses of animals slain in the desert (in this case, Ke$ha). All of the members (Nicole, Paul, Harmony, Matt) come from a long history of creative and talented work and they have forged themselves together to create something truly special. A quick search on some random site that I made up reveals that the three ‘V’s in their name is a reference to the Illuminati. And if you swap the letters in their name around you get ‘Jay-Z is King‘.

Vuvuvultures has a sound that is hard to explain without hand gestures and angry/horny facial expressions.  It has a catchy – if not poppy – chorus while the rest is of the song is carved out with the raw bones of  the punky/grunge era. It’s simply done beautifully.

Contrary to what you see in the video (Produced by: James Copeman), these guys are a lot less edgy in real life. If you do a little digging on their YouTube channel you find clips of the band playing with all sorts of nerdy synth stuff with a childlike wonder. There’s also a clip of Nicole cheerfully igniting Paul with lube and a lighter – kinda like what I used to do to my sister, but in a different way – and without a lighter.

Learn more about Vuvuvultures by liking their Facebook Page or watch/listen to their Youtube Channel

Did you notice the nip slip at the end of video?

Would vultures eat Kesha, even if she isn’t dead?

How do you pronouce Vuvuvultures?

Do you say voo-voo-vultures or do you say va-va-vultures – like you would if you had a speech impediment?

Do you have a speech impediment? Are you offended? Do you love Vuvuvultures anyway?


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