Free Stuff

Sun Glitters // Chillwave Mixtape

Download Sun Glitter’s latest chillwave mix, availible right now on soundcloud .

Lorn // Self Confidence Vol. 2 EP

Brainfeeder’s Lorn offers a free EP full of electronic thug material and loops. Thank you Lorn! [DOWNLOAD]

Hundreds // Under The Icicles EP

Hundreds is an electronic duo from Germany – very vocal and introspective.  [DOWNLOAD]

Markus Wormstorm // Not I, But A Friend

South African producer Markus gives us this organic and cinematic electronic album for free.  [DOWNLOAD]

How To Destroy Angels // Free EP

The latest project by Trent Reznor, soon to be releasing a full-length album. In the meantime, get their EP. [DOWNLOAD]


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